Alloy Wheel Colour Change

allo wheel colour change

Are You Bored of Your Alloy Wheels, Why Not Change The Colour?

Alloy wheels are proving to be a must have accessory on most new cars, although in appearance they are appealing, they are more susceptible to potholes and kerb damage. At DJ Smart Repairs Bury we don't just paint the face of the alloy wheels, we re-coat them inside and out just like the original factory process. We can transform the appearance of your alloy wheels and offer refurbishment at an affordable cost. There are a variety of colour options including Gloss Black, White, Gold, Various Anthracite Shades, Hyper Silvers etc.

If you have a colour in mind that is not mentioned above, as long as we are able to obtain the paint code we can mix it. In the past we have been asked for extraordinary colours such as Orange and Pink, so if there is a Ford or Fiat body colour for example that you like, we can mix it, so please don’t be afraid to be different! Please note that it is the customer's responsibility to ensure they pick the correct colour choice.


We guarantee a quick turnaround and a quality finish at the same low cost.

Throughout our team of highly trained S.M.A.R.T repair technicians, DJ Smart Repair Bury will provide a professional, hassle free and cost effective remedy to bring your alloy wheels back to their former glory.

There is no need to part with your vehicle for days on end, our mobile repair service comes to you, whether it be at work, at home or at a friends. The repair on average takes 40 minutes per wheel and your car is good to drive as soon as the repair is complete.

The Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Process

  • We assess the wheel for trueness and any safety issues before removing all the damage using special sanding techniques and fillers.
  • The wheel is the primed and heat treated.
  • Two coats of base coat are applied and heat treated again.
  • Finally two coats of 2k high gloss lacquer are applied to ensure a hard-wearing durable finish and a deep shine followed by another heat treatment.
  • A typical refurbishment for a full set of alloys will take on of our experienced technicians approx 2-3 hours.

Why should you use us to repair and colour change your alloy wheels to new?

We’re professionally qualified. alloy colour change

We’re fast and efficient.

We’re local to the Bury area.

All our repairs come with a 2 year guarantee/warranty.

All repairs are carried out at a location of your choice, we provide mobile “on-site” repairs.

We are absolutely determined to provide the best possible S.M.A.R.T repairs service in Bury.

For a fast and competitive quote you can either use your mobile phone or camera to take a photograph of your alloy wheels / vehicle damage and then simply upload the images using the online quote form. Alternatively you can call us directly on 07999 909 404 to speak with us direct, we're always happy to provide helpful advise and listen to your requirements.

Our mobile alloy wheel colour change service is available throughout Bury and surrounding areas.

In the past all cosmetic repairs and minor accident damage to vehicles were sent to a traditional bodyshop, this meant that you would have to part with your vehicle for a week or more. That sort of inconvenience is a thing of the past, with our fully equipped vans we repair auto paintwork scratches, scuffs, scrapes and dents on site, within the same day. DJ Smart Repairs Bury can come to your home address, work place or a location of your choice in Bury or the North West. We will repair your car scratches, scuffs, alloy wheel colour change, chips & paint defects at a time that best suits you. DJ Smart Repair Bury's mobile car body repairers are fully trained and have all the necessary professional tools to deal with your car scratch and dent repairs in Bury and surrounding areas. DJ Smart Repairs Bury ensure that the work carried out is to the highest car bodyshop standards.


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Why Choose DJ Smart Repairs Bury?


THE RIGHT TECHNICIANS – Our mobile car body repair technicians are highly trained to use our unique smart repair high-tech tools and techniques and continuous training never ends!

THE RIGHT TOOLS - We know which sophisticated sanding tools and paint methods work. We equip all our vans with high-tech tools so we are able to complete car dent removal, scratch repair services and paint applications, mobile, out doors, in all types of weather.

THE RIGHT PAINT APPLICATION - Our skilled technicians offer three different paint systems to accommodate every type of auto body repair situation - single stage, basecoat-clear coat or tri-coat.

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